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Peaches - Talk To Me

"Why Don't You Talk To Me?" shrieks Peaches over a Simian Mobile Disco produced beat. The Canadian-native is notoriously known for embracing and popularizing buzz words like "hermaphrodite envy" and "fatherfucker" and for teaching us to "Fuck The Pain Away." While the record doesn't provide for a juicy installment to the Peaches vernacular, Nisker has effectively recorded my favorite new single of the Spring. With "Talk To Me," Peaches ventures into the world of modern electro-lady pop, or defining it, I should say. Peaches' powerful, heart-wrenching vocals pierce right through what is one of SMD's most reverent and solid productions to date. By the sounds of Little Boots' latest demos, "Talk To Me" is the sound she is trying so hard to master. Little Boots might have to step aside because Peaches is back with what is shaping up to be one hell of an album on May 4th overseas. It's called I Feel Cream and it's going to shake things up. Listen to it below:


Peaches - More

[rating: 72/100]
Within the first 10 seconds of "More," you know Peaches is serious about this making you party business. Give the song another 15 seconds, and you won't doubt how serious Simian Mobile Disco is about producing greatness for Peaches. "Seems you got a little bit more than you asked for," sings Peaches repetitively throughout the song, always being one for intuition. To the casual listener, "More" is 4 minutes and 32 seconds of danceable eargold, to the Peaches fan, this is the type of song that melts your face, makes your head explode, and your other favorite metaphoric disembodiment. Look out for Peaches' new album, I Feel Cream — she's collaborating with big electro artists like Simian Mobile Disco, Gonzales, Digitalsim, Drums Of Death, and the Dewaele Brothers.