Penguin Prison - Animal, Animal



You may have first heard the name Penguin Prison from his popular remix of “I’m Not A Robot” by Marina and The Diamonds. This time around, the NYC based indie pop newbie is back with his very own original, “Animal, Animal.” For a first single, I’m saying its pretty damn good. He has great vocals that stand on their own and an ability to mix melodies that make him an artist to keep your eye on. Peguin Prison is “the total package, one man pop machine!”

He hits all the key points with his lyrics, I mean don’t we all want to be animals? And who doesn’t want to be friends with Mike Tyson?!

Towards the end it gets a little repetitive but an overall decent and somewhat exciting track.  DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD for something new and fresh! Check out Penguin Prison’s myspace page to hear his other song (Its worth a listen).

Penguin Prison -

via Neon Gold.