Pet Shop Boys - Did You See Me Coming?



Last time I let you guys listen to a Pet Shop Boys song, I was sort of ashamed to see so many people come to me on Twitter (@pmablog) and ask who these guys where, or thank me for turning me onto them. Now, I'm glad that I helped you guys discover the Pet Shop Boys, but these guys are really people you should be extremely familiar with. Like I mentioned on my post here, these guys — along with help from New Order and another handful of select classic pop acts — paved the way for many of the acts you listen to now. So I suggest you get familiar.

From what I've heard from their new album, Yes, it seems that starting out with this one seems to be a good place to start your Pet Shop Boys soulsearching. I think everyone liked the first single, "Love, Etc." It was very PSB, though it definitely had a tangible modern tint. I think this was the tint that made the beautiful color, "Love, Etc." possible.

On yesterday's The Mail On Sunday, the UK's Daily Mail came with a Pet Shop Boys retropective that inlcuded new track, "Did You See Me Coming?," from PSB's upcoming album, Yes. I'm so glad Electronic Rumors finds this as amusing as I do. I won't pretend to be all that caught up with the British newspapers, but plenty of my friends have shared with me the fuckery that is The Daily Mail. But I guess we can all forgive them today for sharing this effortlessly fantastic new song. It's definitely old school. Missing is the modern tint that made "Love, Etc." an easy new pop classic, but as a song that tips its hat at older material, "Did You See Me Coming?" holds its own with the best of them. Read on to stream the track

Pet Shop Boys - Did You See Me Coming?

I am trying to come up with an imeem alternative, but for now, I will be using it.