Peter Bjorn and John - Living Thing



With the titular track off of their upcoming album, Living Thing, Peter Bjorn and John follow Vampire Weekend's path towards the resurgence of Afro-Pop. Loose, lovely guitars chirp in when they please in the background, and random boings poke  into the song as well. "It's a living thing, it's a terrible thing to lose," Moren sings throughout the bouncy tune that maintains the best aspects of the band's music- fun, uplifting melodies and catchy hooks. When Moren breaks into his "ooo," and runs with the song's melody towards the end, it's simply a magical moment.


This is one of the band's best tracks off of Living Thing, and it's due to its upbeat nature. From the beginning, you're bopping your head to the rickety drum beat, bouncy noises straight out of Teletubbies, and vocals that sound like the Budweiser frogs. The best tracks on this album are the ones that keep the tempo high, while the songs that drag the record down are a tad too slow and moody. But this is a track review, not an album review. Check back later for that. For now, relax, blast the computer volume, and get caught up in the sunny Afro-Pop of "Living Thing."