MP3/Video: Peter Bjorn & John - "Breaker Breaker"


Peter Bjorn & John’s hyper-anticipated upcoming sixth (!!) LP, Gimme Some, is due in March, and the trio will get you hyped up for it way early with a whirlwind 98-second preemptive revenge fantasy of a song called “Breaker, Breaker.” It’s the flawlessly crafted earworm indie pop you love this band for, with a scuzzy bass edge and guitar riffs with enough momentum to make the song’s last ten seconds an awesome pop blitz. The video fits that frenzied energy nicely – stop-motion photography makes the band’s theatricality look like David Byrne-esque convulsive dancing. It’s an early contender for one of the best singles of the year, quite a feat for a song that just pushes the minute-and-a-half mark.

MP3: Peter Bjorn & John - Breaker Breaker