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Phoenix - Armistice (YACHT Remix)

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Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection) is shaping up to be a killer. It's filled with remixes that will move your feet, and other remixes that will connect with you on a deeper level. Listening though them all, YACHT's remix of "Armistice" is a clear standout.


The remix is quite tame, compared to some of the chaos that went down on YACHT's SeeMystery Lights, or their remix of Wolfmother's "New Moon Rising," but the mid-tempo bleeps and slabs of synth fit the aesthetic of "Armistice" like a glove. It's an artsy and fresh view on a late 00's classic, but I don't think anything will top the original. But I'm still chalking this one up as a victory for YACHT, as well as Phoenix for continuing to prove to be the most remix-friendly act of 2009. As far as I can tell, this is a PMA first, so have go listen to the remix!

Phoenix - Armistice (YACHT Remix)