Phoenix - Rome (Neighbors Remix ft. Devendra Benhart)


Who knew Devendra Benhart loved Phoenix? Not just loved but the ALL-CAPS kind. Just check this out:

"We LOVE and have LOVED Phoenix since Alphabetical, and have wanted to do more than just ogle at their awesomeness for quite some time. With the release of their luminary Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix we got the chance to un-floccinaucinihilipilificate our dreams and with awesome, oceanic glee, we took Rome for a ride…"

I sense a little Kanyeist (Kanyeatic? Kanyeistic?) passion there, don't you? I guess you'd need something that flashy to stand out in a sea of star-studded remixes. How cool it must be for Phoenix to finally get the attention they have deserved all along. Not just by "the blogs" or teen dramas/late night TV, but by their peers. Maybe even people they look up to.

Devendra has now joined bands like Friendly Fires, Classixx, The Teenagers, Holy Ghost, and Gorilla vs Bear says that Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear might be covering Phoenix on some sort of re-release of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. At least that's what Rough Trade told Simon Pegg. Yeah, I know...

Now with thoughts of Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear recording covers of Phoenix, I will leave you with Devendra Benhart's beautiful remix of "Rome"

PS: regarding the "Fences" multitrack, download it here.