PMA x Gifted "Music" Remix Contest: VOTE For Your Favorite


The remixes are in, but Gifted couldn't decide on a winner. We need your help! Watch the message below for the full scoop.

Ready to hear the remixes and start voting? Continue reading for a rundown of the finalists.


You can go a million different directions with this song. J.Brookinz went the dark route as opposed to the lighter sound of the other remixes. The good news is that his is just as impressive.

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Within seconds you know Lynas means business with this remix. You might have to listen to this remix twice to catch everything in it. You might just because you like it.

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Who knew someone would turn "Music" into a smooth vintage-ish record about "girls licking lips." BEFS goes for it and executes with this unique remix.

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Jams Dean

Minimalism is the name of the game with this remix. Jams Dean borrows a riff from the original song and adds his own catchy sounds complete with equally catchy repetition. Well done.

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This remix is made for the dance floor, turning "Music" into a full blown techno song. Hey, that's what they were looking for. Good stuff here.

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Cast your vote now! Polls close at noon next Wednesday, March 11. The winner will be announced the day after. Good luck remixers!

Who did you vote for?