pmaCAST #11: Smile! It's Longer (Your Mom Did)



pmaCAST #11 The "Smile! It's Longer (Your Mom Did)" Episode Tracklist



And here it is! The eleventh episode of my ongoing pmaCAST. I know this one is like 3 weeks late, but it's here and that's all that matters, right? Regarding the title: good ole @Beat623, tweeted it to me after my little bout of writer's block. It's only appropriate since this entire podcast was inspired by my adventures on Twitter. For realsies. Every song was inspired by someone I follow. If I follow you, and you think you know which song you inspired, feel free to shout it out in the comments. I'm actually looking forward to seeing if you guys can guess correctly.

This episode is quite long. It's actually over twice as long as the ordinary pmaCAST episode. This is something new I'm trying out. Let me know which you'd prefer, 23-track epic podcasts, or the 10-track haiku's I usually put out? I've always said that I wanted the pmaCAST to be the "Soundtrack of your Week," and I feel that with this longer, more diverse episode, I can actually do that.

As always, I welcome and greatly appreciate your comments on the song choice. I am even open to requests and suggestions. One last shoutout to Adam Sarpalius aka @SpeciallyMarked from (you guessed it) for providing the sexy podcast art.

Like Carles would say:

  • put it on your ipod

  • burn to CD to listen 2 on a walkman

  • burn on CD 2 give 2 parents

  • put on minidisc player

  • burn on CD 2 give 2 ‘girl who u want 2 like u bc ur so funnie and smart’

  • blog abt it

  • podcast abt it