pmaCAST #15: Funk In Your Trunk



pmaCAST #15 The “Funk In Your Trunk” Episode Tracklist

Santigold - I'm A Lady (Diplo Remix ft. Amanda Blank)
Kanye West - Paranoid (ft. Mr Hudson)
Jazmine Sullivan - Dream Big
Rihanna - Breakin' Dishes
Rye Rye - Bang (ft. M.I.A.)
Sam Sparro - 21st Century Life
Jay-Z - Brooklyn Go Hard (ft. Santigold)
N.A.S.A. - Whatchadoin? (ft. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santigold, Nick Zinner)
Santigold - You'll Go Crazy (ft. Young Jeezy)
Solange - I Decided (Part 1)
Amy Winehouse - You Send Me Flying (Cherry)
Erykah Badu - Honey
Janelle Monae - Many Moons
Beyonce - Upgrade U (ft. Jay-Z)
Peaches - Mommy Complex
The-Dream - Ditch That
Lady GaGa - Paper Gangsta
Solange - T.O.N.Y.
The Gossip - Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah Cover)
Janelle Monae - Sincerely, Jane

Today's podcast marks a pretty significant milestone in the history of the pmaCAST — this will be our fifteenth installment of the podcast. I have a lot of fun coming up \with interesting playlists twice a month and I think you can all expect the pmaCAST to forever be a part of Pretty Much Amazing. I will stay away from the traditional podcast form and keep the pmaCAST strickly playlist-like — commercial-less radio with songs you (hopefully) want to listen to. Oh and, as always, if you'd like to see certain artists or songs on the upcoming episodes of the pmaCAST, do not hesitate to leave a comment informing me so. Also, if you have ideas for a possible future playlist, email me a list of 15-20 songs and your playlist might be featured on an upcoming pmaCAST episode.

#15 was inspired by... would you believe me if I said Michael Jackson's death? Granted, there aren't any Michael Jackson songs in this episode (yes, this was intentional), but as you know, we all mourn in different ways. I didn't turn to iTunes to splurge on MJ loot. Instead, I chased after contemporary artists who have been clearly (and vaguely) influenced by this great pop icon. But this playlist is by no means meant to be a Michael Jackson tribute — like every other pmaCAST episode, this arrangement of songs is meant to soundtrack an otherwise boring day at work, a jog, a long drive, or whatever you see fit.

I don't have much to say about the tracklist other than I absolutely love these songs and together they're making me really happy — and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Here are a few tracks to sample:
Jazmine Sullivan - Dream Big
The Gossip - Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah Cover)
Amy Winehouse - You Send Me Flying (Cherry)
Janelle Monae - Sincerely, Jane