pmaCAST #5: The "God Gave Me Style" Episode



Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Ready for the fifth episode of the pmaCAST? Grrreat!

The title refers to a string of words Chris Martin utters in the Coldplay classic "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face." The actual track wasn't upbeat enough for this particular episode of the pmaCAST, but I decided to I kicked things off with Mark Ronson's thunderous horn-fueled rendition. Hopefully that track will put you in the mood for what is meant to be a really fun, really loud (pump your speakers the fuck up, please) 42ish minutes.

Following Mark Ronson's pump up track is Lupe Fiasco and Jay-Z relieving us of any "Pressure," but the podcast doesn't fully kick in until the third track with this new Timid Tiger joint. Timid Tiger sent this fresh PMA Exclusive over a few days ago, and it's one of the hottest remixes I've heard in 2009. I didn't think I'd ever enjoy a Lenny Kravitz song as much I as I did their remix of "Are You Gonna Go My Way." Beware of BIG, crazy sounds. I'll drop the mp3 for this remix tomorrow.

Following Timid Tiger, is Kanye West's "The New Workout Plan," one of my favorite Kanye songs ever. One of Kanye's production highlights. Then we have Ratatat lay the Notorious B.I.G. over an incredible beat. And again, not being the biggest fan of subtlety, I threw in an old school Gorillaz track right before Justin Timberlake and Duran Duran on "Nite Runner." A-Trak and Lupe Fiasco (again) keep your blood flowing with the track they made for Nike+ — it's meant to make you run around and buy a pair of Nike shoes.

None other than Britney Spears closes the podcast with "Phonography." If this song DOESN'T make you want to dance your ass off, something is wrong with you. It's one of those perfect, makes-you-wanna-booty-bump songs that make the dancefloor go crazy.

Download this while you watch the Super Bowl and pump it at your Super Bowl afterparty. Unless you'll be too Bruce Springstee'd out to listen to anything but his latest album.

pmaCAST #5 Tracklist
Mark Ronson - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Lupe Fiasco / Jay-Z - Pressure
Timid Tiger - Are You Gonna My Way
Kanye West - The New Workout Plan
Ratatat - Dead Wrong
Gorillaz - 19 2000
Justin Timberlake / Duran Duran - Nite Runner
N.A.S.A. - Whatchadoin?
A-Trak - Mastered
Britney Spears - Phonography

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