Premiere: Day Joy - "Go to Sleep, Mess" MP3


The Orlando, Florida duo Day Joy filter their deceptively simple, backwoods folk-pop through a smeared, dreamy lens - the end product is sweet, soft, and confessional, with a compellingly strange layer of otherworldly, David Lynch-ian creepiness that manifests in massive, swarming sounds that seem to bubble up from nowhere. Their debut record Go to Sleep, Mess, which drops next month on Small Plates Records, sounds like listening to a tape you dug up in the woods while a weird wind was blowing, and we mean this in the best way. We're psyched to premiere the record's gorgeous, slow-burning title track; it perfectly exemplifies Day Joy's taste for hauntingly beautiful folk that's right on the line between good dream and subtle nightmare. Listen below; download the mp3 here.