New Purity Ring: "Fineshrine" MP3


"Fineshrine" is Purity Ring's latest lyrically and musically disturbing jam with a made up compound word for a title. The Montreal duo give the single room to breathe; this is interesting because if you've been following their output thus far, you'd know that Purity Ring beatsmith Corin Roddick likes to take a pointillist approach to his music, to punctuate Megan James' creepy lyrics with needlepoint synth, drums and metallophones. On "Fireshrine," a mushroom cloud of sound swells and collapses around James' evokative lyrics likening her devotion to her lover to a pegan human disembowelment ritual. It's as creepy as anything they've ever done, but also another promise that Shrines will be one of the finest albums of the year. Check it out July 24th.

Purity Ring: "Fineshrine" // MP3