There's something... something to be said about the sense of recognition and knowing you sometimes experience when listening to a song for the first time. While rock critics and music bloggers laud and yearn for the unknown, the innovative and cutting edge, the sense of instant relate-ability  and reliability is often taken for granted, or worse yet, mistaken for convention and derivation. Just wanted to plant that little seed in your brain before introducing you to this sweet, sweet winter gem.

With bass lines reminiscent of those reinforcing tracks sung by a Knowles sister and a voice delicate enough to draw Lykke Li comparisons and commanding enough to draw Chrisette Michele comparisons, Denmark's Quadron fell from the sky and into my inbox late last week, sounding like an eclectic mix of the songstresses that allow me to sleep soundly at night. Because, God, do I hate pills.

Their self-titled debut album was released to iTunes on January 26th. The album will be out March 23rd everywhere else. Listen to my favorite cuts off the album below: