Quickies: Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy Music Video + YYYs Bonus Tracks


I've been sick for the last couple of days and it's been pretty tough of me trying to keep my posting up (I haven't). So to make up for that, here is a pithy post of some of my favorite things that hit the internet these last few days.

Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy Music Video

Britney Spears announced that the third single off Circus would be the controversial "If U Seek Amy." The joke is old by now, can we go to calling it "F.U.C.K. Me" now? Radio gives us a big, fat NO. Britney's new single is doing great on radio, already sitting at No. 26 in the Top 40 charts ("Circus" is still sitting at No. 2), only that it's "If You SEE Amy" that's playing. Oh well. Here's the video:

So what do you want to talk about first? How endless Britney's cleavage is? Did you spot the notorious nipple slip? (I didn't). Or how great she looks all skanked out? Or what about Amy's hair? What's going on there?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Clap Song / Faces

If you haven't already noticed, we sort of loved the latest Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, It's Blitz!. Lucky for us, the Blitz love continues with the bonus tracks that won't be available on the album, unless you buy it at a certain special store. I usually don't bother with bonus tracks, but in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' case, I will bother with them. The first of which, is called "Clap Song," and it comes with all iTunes purchases of It's Blitz! If you like handclaps as much as Chris does, you will be all over this song.

"Faces" is a bit less handclap and a bit more The Killers circa-Hot Fuss. That's probably something you don't want from the triple Y's but it's what you got right here. I think I reached my synth-max for the YYYs with "Zero" and "Heads Will Roll" — both are my favorites from the new album, btw — and "Faces" steps all over that in such a irreverent manner (even for the YYYs) that it makes me a bit resentful of the track. But I guess if you loved "Zero," you'll probably end up liking "Faces." One last thought on Blitz: don't you sort of wish the new No Doubt would sound like this? I do.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Clap Song

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Faces