Radiohead x Kanye West - Testify (Xaphoon Jones Remix) (PMA Premiere)



Last week, I premiered a new Chiddy Bang cut from Xaphoon Jones' upcoming mixtape, available tomorrow exclusively through PMA. Xaphoon does all the production and sampling on PMA favorites Chiddy Bang and he's branching out and breaking down into infectious bouts of bmore club on his upcoming, Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 1. His mixtape also touches on Motown hits, old school rap, and new school blog hits.

On this newest sneak peak, two of the loudest voices of our generation are pinned head to head, Jaydiohead style. However, Xaphoon's added drum loops and synths sound a lot better and Minty Fresh Beats' ever did. Listen to "Reckoner" and "Touch The Sky" blend together effortlessly in "Testify."

Radiohead x Kanye West -

Xaphoon seems to be a fan of "Reckoner" (who isn't?) because this is the second time he sampled the song. Earlier this year, we posted Chiddy Bang's Radiohead-sampling "Because." Grab it here, if you missed it the first time around.

Chiddy Bang -