Rain Machine - Give Blood (Music Video)


I personally find it rather frustrating when a band member decides to launch a solo career but simply ends up sounding like the original band he/she was originally a part of. It makes me wonder: what's the point? But of course, that's the fan talking in me and we all know fans have no regard for musicians lives or feelings and only want our music tastes to be satisfied. Nevertheless, I can say I am satisfied with "Give Blood," Kyp Malone (of TV on the Radio)'s single off his solo debut. This is probably because I am a fan of TV on the Radio and, you guessed it, it pretty much sounds like them.

The music video features Kyp in what appears to be a non-seedy hotel room playing his guitar. But then he starts pulling bodies out from under the bed and things get only slightly weird from there with some clay creatures and (gasp!) hand claps. Download "Give Blood" below:

MP3: Rain Machine - Give Blood

Rain Machine's self-titled debut is out now via ANTI-. Buy it at Insound or at Amazon.