WATCH & MP3: Ratatat - "Neckbrace" Music Video & Hyetal Remix


Don't forget to download Hyetal's killer remix after the jump

Electronic duo Ratatat have just released the music video for their next single off this year's great LP4. The bass obnoxious, synth heavy “Neckbrace” follows Evan Mast and Mike Stroud as they individually play a series of instruments (acoustic guitar, snare, djembe, electric guitar, keyboards) to an audience of a sea of parakeets, seemingly the same birds that occupy the space of LP4's album cover. These chicks are indubitably moving to the beaatch the video above and check out a killer remix by Hyetal below:t of this electro pop instrumental, grooving as it climaxes, until a random flying statue of Beethoven starts spinning like a disco ball. Directed by Mast aka E*Vax, the video only affirms the notion that these dudes really love parakeets. Watch the video above and download Hyetal's remix of the track below-

DOWNLOAD: RATATAT - Neckbrace (Hyetal Remix)

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