REC'D: Burnt Ones - Black Teeth and Golden Tongues



Burnt Ones are a fuzzy, scuzzy trio from San Francisco, and together they make dirty, compelling lo-fi, full of sixties girl-group doo-wahs and ooohs and an incredible pop structural sensibility. “Bury Me In Smoke” is driving, wide-open music, all bass drum and big chords, the kind of thing that needs to be listened to under a big blue sky. There is a timelessness about it, something that probably existed forever. “Kaleidoscope Eyes” is just as good: looped guitar and a faraway voice, hallucinatory and Kodachrome, all the colors too bright to be real. The band’s full length is Black Teeth and Golden Tongues, out now. You’d be best to check it out.

[DOWNLOAD: Burnt Ones - Bury Me In Smoke]

Stream Burnt Ones' full length album Black Teeth and Golden Tongues below:

[DOWNLOAD: Burnt Ones - Kaleidoscope Eyes]

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