REC'D MP3: How To Dress Well - "Suicide Dream 2" (elite gymnastics baptism)


It makes sense that Brooklynite Tom Krell, the fearless genre amalgamator who makes ethereal R&B as How to Dress Well, tapped Minneapolis electro innovators Elite Gymnastics to remix one of the songs from his latest release Just Once.

Elite Gymnastics' take on “Suicide Dream 2” lies in that weird place where heartrending, simple ambiance meets house music. The duo know just when to build up the percussive bass of their clubby backbeat into a full-fledged chillwave dance interlude and when to bring it all down to let Krell’s voice shine through.

It makes sense that Elite Gymastics call their version a “baptism” instead of a remix – it’s a total reinvention of How To Dress Well’s orchestral original, welcomed into EG's fold.

How To Dress Well - "Suicide Dream 2" (elite gymnastics baptism)

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