REC'D MP3: Korallreven - "Sa Sa Samoa" F/ Julianna Barwick


Swedish Balearic pop duo Korallreven will release their long-awaited, geniusly-titled An Album by Korallreven shortly, and they keep churning out fantastic tunes to keep us on our toes. The band just dropped “Sa Sa Samoa”, and it’s absolutely, purely gorgeous – their effortlessly bright, clean electronic soundscape gains extra stellar beauty thanks to a stunningly shuffled and remixed vocal performance by singer Julianna Barwick. The whole thing, with its hypnotizing backline of tribal percussion and percolating synth lines, sounds remarkably like sunrise on a winter morning, brilliant and stunning as the sun reflecting on snow. Check it out.

Korallreven - "Sa Sa Samoa" F/ Julianna Barwick (mp3)

An Album by Korallreven is out November 15th. Listen to the enchanting first single "As Young As Yesterday".