REC’D MP3: Laurel Halo – “Embassy” & “Supersymmetry”


The show of Laurel Halo’s I caught at CMJ might have been more impressive were I not too tired to stand up, and were the crowd more enthusiastic: the Brooklyn-via-Ann Arbor singer and keyboardist weaved a mesmerizing set of songs together with little more than two keyboards and her laptop. They were songs that complemented each other perfectly, songs that demanded a little toe-tapping at the very least. It’s all electronic, light and bubbly as champagne, at times sounding like something they’d play behind slow-mo shots of springtime flowers blooming on some nature TV show, at times sounding like a dialed-down Washed Out. Whatever it is, it’s good.

“Embassy” puts Laurel’s versatile, sweet voice front and center over waterfall-like, looped keyboard arrangements. It’s beautiful, complex, and enveloping, every element wrapping you up at every turn.


“Supersymmetry” is dancy, eighties-inspired drum machine and synth flourishes backing up Laurel’s crooned attestations of love: “Hello beautiful ally, when will we meet again?” Good question.


If you like what you hear, Laurel Halo’s EP King Felix will be released on November 30.