Nicki Minaj x Lil Wayne - Roman's Revenge 2.0 (Final)


Updated audio with "final" studio version.

One of Lil Wayne’s first moves after his release from prison was the excellent decision to lay down a verse on the best track on one of 2010’s most anticipated releases – Nicki Minaj’s fierce holier-than-thou diss banger, “Roman’s Revenge.”

Version 2.0 is a step up: Weezy’s breathless delivery rivals Eminem’s, the track’s original guest – there’s more feeling in Lil Wayne’s verses, more great rhymes, smoother and more intoxicating flow, than anything I’ve heard from either rapper in a while. Weezy serves up references to both Howard Johnson’s and foie gras in less than a minute – if that isn’t enough to convince you to press play, I don’t know what is. Give it a listen.