REC'D MP3: THEESatisfaction - "Do You Have Time"


It appears that Seattle’s Sub Pop is really looking to regain its foothold in the music industry. While it's been a while since Sub Pop ventured out of grunge, they're really ushering in an era where creativity is simply their main focal point. From the awesome Swedish outfit, Niki & The Dove, to the off-kilter hip hop productions of Shabazz Palaces (both who have been buzzing like crazy over the past few months) while maintaining crowd favorites like Fleet Foxes and Washed Out, Sub Pop seems to be a label seriously on the come up.

Now we’ve just got our hands on some new music from their latest signees, a female hip hop duo by the name of THEESatisfaction. Their single, “Do You Have Time” (which technically has been surfacing online for almost a year now) is an awesome little gem that gives us hope that the female hip hop game is growing stronger and stronger as the year progresses.

No word as to when THEESatisfaction will drop an official album, but we'll keep a look out.

THEESatisfaction - Do You Have Time (MP3)

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