REC'D MP3: Wiley - "It's Wiley"

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British grime mainstay Wiley, fresh off tweeting 180 202 new songs (including his whole upcoming record “The Elusive 2”) and leaving Jamaican label Island in favor of his own company A-List, is back with an illustrious self-defining track. Oddly, it comes over 10 years into his four-studio-record career, but no matter: it’s got everything a self-titled track needs. It’s appropriately braggy (“I got a super Kryptonite flow!” “My flow? Top notch. My lyrics? Top notch.”), fast as hell, and backed by an undeniable synth line and booty-shaking drum machine, but it’s also explanatory: Wiley details his label woes in a matter-of-fact verse that suggests he’s better off without them anyway.