REC'D MP3s: The Sandwitches - "Joe Says" & "Lightfoot"


The ladies of San Francisco’s The Sandwitches used to sing backup in the Fresh & Onlys, but they sound really good in the foreground too, as proven by the tracks recently dropped from their third release, Mrs. Jones’ Cookies, out March 29. Grace Cooper and Heidi Alexander make the kind of goodnatured but haunting garage rock that sounds familiar because it’s always been there in your head when you’re riding your bike around, waiting to be imagined, and with voices that sound like Kate Bush sometimes and Natalie Merchant other times, they’re really irresistible.

“Joe Says” is gorgeous, wistful and heartbreak-romantic and swoony, ready for a mixtape to win someone back – “I’ve got no one beside me,” Alexander and Cooper croon. And “Lightfoot” has Best Coast-y sunny guitars, some bright, haunting Americana about it – like your mom singing you some old song when you couldn’t sleep. Enjoy it.

The Sandwitches - "Joe Says"

The Sandwitches - "Lightfoot"