REC'D: Nicolas Jaar - Don't Break My Love Free EP


21-year-old minimal genius Nicolas Jaar’s latest offering is a two-song EP called Don’t Break My Love, and we’ve got to stress right off the bat that you shouldn’t consider these two tunes castoffs from his 2011 record Space is Only Noise, and you shouldn’t assume the short tracklisting means Nico’s getting lazy – he’s packed more into Don’t Break My Love than most artists of his age and genre can pack into whole records.

You’ve likely heard the title track, which slowly builds up out of minimal instrumentation into thundering electronics that give way to a truly revelatory climax. Check out the b-side “Why Didn’t You Save Me” too – it builds clattering ambient sounds into a bona-fide beat with mind-blowing ingenuity. If you give one artist eleven minutes of your time today, it should be Nicolas Jaar.

Nicolas Jaar - "Why Didn't You Save Me" (mp3)

Download the whole EP here.

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