MP3: U.S. Royalty – “Equestrian”

US Royalty

Washington's own U.S. Royalty present a little slice of Americana with the latest single from their debut record, “Equestrian.” Sounding a bit like a poppier Local Natives meets a postmodern Iron & Wine, “Equestrian” follow a folksy rock n roll aesthetic, rich in lyrical content pertaining to mountains and living in the wild. It also helps that lead singer John Thornley has a thick beard and hairstyle similar to Sam Beam. The quartet, consisting of Thornley and his brother Paul, Jacob Michael and Luke Adams, released their first full length album, Mirrors, last month. Check out the video below, it's about as American as you can get. Find the MP3 down there too:

MP3: U.S. Royalty - "Equestrian"