RECOMMENDED: Dam-Funk - "Hood Pass Intact", "Never Tongue In Cheek"


Pasadena's connoisseur of funky, sexy vibes, Dam-Funk has been making a lot of well documented noise for about a year now. These two songs, albeit only the tip of the iceberg, come highly recommended if you're into, like, jams and stuff.

Jams is exactly what Dam-Funk specializes in, and his two latest contributions to the jamosphere do not disappoint in the slightest. First take in electro-funk-rap number "Hood Pass Intact", which is as incredible a song that you will hear all year long, I guarantee it. The song comes from an upcoming 12-inch and features legendary Compton rapper MC Eiht.

Dam-Funk - "Hood Pass Intact" (feat. MC Eiht)

And below you can listen to "Never Tongue In Cheek", a smooth 7 minute that goes down like butter. I can't wait to listen to savvy rappers spit over this one.