Regina Spektor - Laughing With


Regina Spektor has recently announced her new album (Far), as well as a tracklist and a cover for said album. But now we have our first taste of the new Regina Spektor on hand and it's called "Laughing With."


The song opens up with "No one laughs at God at a hostipal, no one laughs at God in a war" over a sullen piano and continues in that fashion for the song's entirety. While the song is not bad by any means, it sounds like Regina Spektor is fishing for a GRAMMY with this new single, by pulling at the heart strings of the GRAMMYs' favorite demographic. The same people that listen to Adult Contemporaneity radio restlessly and give Colbie Caillat and The Fray their earworm cutesy hits. "Laughing With" is destined to explode on AC radio, just not before you hear it scoring the closing credits on next week's Grey's Anatomy or Ugly Betty — or, God forbid, Gossip Girl. Far is out June 23rd via Sire Records.

01 "The Calculation"
02 "Eet"
03 "Blue Lips"
04 "Folding Chair"
05 "Machine"
06 "Laughing With"
07 "Human Of The Year"
08 "Two Birds"
09 "Dance Anthem"
10 "Genius Next Door"
11 "Wallet"
12 "One More Time With Feeling"
13 "Man Of A Thousand Faces"