Remix-A-Day, part 2: DOOM - Gazillion Ear (Thom Yorke Remix)


Because we are focusing more on upcoming musical releases around here, new remixes get the short end of the PMA stick, sadly. I am determined to devote one post a day on new remixes, instead of bunching 10+ remixes in bulk. That has become somewhat tacky. Click here to read all of our Remix-A-Day remixes.

If you haven't heard DOOM's new album, you are certainly missing out. "Gazillion Ear" was always one of my favorite DOOM tracks, and Thom Yorke transforming it into what could easily be Radiohead's most experimental b-side ever. It's a marvelous remix, even if it does sound like it was made for Radiohead's upcoming LP — I have found that emcees doing their thing over Radiohead works quite well.


(via Pigeons & Planes)