Remix-A-Day, part 3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (N.A.S.A. Bloody Lobo Remix)


Because we are focusing more on upcoming musical releases around here, new remixes get the short end of the PMA stick, sadly. I am determined to devote one post a day on new remixes, instead of bunching 10+ remixes in bulk. That has become somewhat tacky. Click here to read all of our Remix-A-Day remixes.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are really hitting hard with this whole "Zero" Remixes thing they have going on. A little while ago, MSTRKRFT remixed It'z Blitz' first single and now N.A.S.A. have dipped into the game. We have yet to hear Animal Collective's remix of "Zero," and we hope it's better than this. Not that N.A.S.A.'s remix is bad; it's definitely a major improvement on MSTRKRFT's hot mess.


This remix really showcases N.A.S.A.'s abilities as pop producers. With only some exceptions, their album, The Spirit of Apollo, was a nod to hip hop. On rare occasions, like this remix or "Gifted," we can see N.A.S.A.'s impeccable ear for pop-dance tunes. It almost makes you crave a N.A.S.A. production credit on Britney Spears' next album.


(via Squeak E Clean Blog)