Rihanna & Lady GaGa - Silly Boy [UPDATED]



This is the first legitimate release Rihanna has made in a long while, and with Lady GaGa no less! Though there is no official word about "Silly Boy," the song's lyrical content and the inclusion of Lady GaGa has me thinking that "Silly Boy" was recorded not to long ago and probably in a hurry. Is this record Rihanna's long awaiting comeback single? Does she really want to go with a Chris Brown diss as the first single of her new album? I guess I better question is why does this song blow so hard?

Considering Rihanna and Lady GaGa's latest offerings, "Silly Boy" sounds remarkably silly and dated. Listen for yourself.

UPDATE: Lady GaGa (via Kanye West) says it is not her on the track. So it's only Rihanna making the stupid career move. That's a relief.
UPDATE #2: Rihanna denies song is hers. So that's that... you can still listen to it below.