MP3: New Röyksopp - "Shores of Easy"


There are rumors afloat that electronic veterans, Röyksopp, might be working on their follow up to last year's dark and instrumental opus, Senior. Seemingly out of nowhere yesterday the pair posted over 25 minutes of music onto their website in the form of two lengthy new tracks – one of which a remix of London orchestral pop outfit The Irrepressibles' “In This Shirt” – and they've generously made both available for download. How sweet of them.

The duo advise that the sprawling, 14-minute “Shores Of Easy” is “best served when calm,” and that it is not “indicative of things to come.” The arrangement is certainly tranquil, gradually building from a pensive, fragile state to a commanding, bass driven, synth-friendly electro banger. Get both tracks below, and be on the lookout for any more new music the duo might be compelled to give away.

Royksopp - "Shores of Easy" (mp3)

Download the Irrepressibles remix here.