Röyksopp - The Girl And The Robot, Remixes

"Excellent photo of Svein Berge"

"Excellent photo of Svein Berge"

I've mentioned a couple of times that Robyn and Röyksopp's "The Girl And The Robot" was and still is my favorite dance track of 2009. It will go down as this year's "DVNO," "Ready For The Floor," or even this year's "Eple." As it usually goes with tracks like these, the remixes (if done correctly) are as much of a treat as the song itself. The following three remixes definitely did "The Girl And The Robot" right.

Kris Menace's remix is the kind of remix you have to listen to really loud and on $300 headphones for the full experience. Layer upon layer of shimmering synths and mild distortion makes this remix what it is — and it is almost unrecognizable. Sometimes that's a good thing.

Davide Rossi transforms Röyksopp's sounds into an orchestral beauty. You won't be dancing to this one next summer, but it works as excellent background music when you have company over, or even better foreground music to distract you when you're trying to avoid work, like me.

Joakim's remix relies the most on the original track and it will be the one you will be hearing on the dance-floor. Definitely the most danceable of the three, Joakim's remix comes off sounding a bit typical. It's really holding true to the whole if it's not broken, don't fix it — just make them dance. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!), indeed.

photo by crazybobbles