Rye Rye & M.I.A. - Bang


This may be the first time a couple of bffs, who demanded a lot of online-attention, didn't annoy the hell out of me. These two bffs actually make me incredibly chipper. It's this frentic, get-crazy music that Rye Rye and M.I.A. were made to do! Straight crack from Blaqstarr on the production too. What a fantastic and fresh surprise.


Oh and this sidenote is a little annoying, but I can't resist: doesn't this song remind you of Slumdog Millionaire?

$100 iTunes giftcard goes to the person who comes up with the perfect Slumdog scene for "Bang" to score.* I guess you have to listen to it first.

*just kidding. but I'd like you to do it anyway.