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Sea Wolf - The Violet Hour

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When the list of contributing artists for The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack was published there was a collective "What the..?" and conflicting emotions for everyone. Should we be happy that there's new material from our favorite artists? Is this considered as "selling out?" I understand the frustration, this is a saga about werewolves and vampires that teenagers are obsessed (understatement) with and so we have become a little hesitant to give anything a listen in an act of defiance. These are exclusive tracks made specifically for the soundtrack with today's most respected and influential artists so I can understand the inner turmoil for most fans. I'm actually pretty excited that some of our Indie favorites contributed and that die hard fans of the saga who haven't been exposed to these artists will discover them and intrigued to expand their musical taste.

Once you've come to terms with the soundtrack and are willing to give it a chance, you must check out Sea Wolf "The Violet Hour". Alex Church's voice is romantic and paints a scenic picture of his interest that's poetic and melancholy at the same time. I can't picture where they might use this in the film but I do feel as though it does capture the theme for the second installment of the franchise. Regardless if you're keen to the idea of Sea Wolf being apart of the soundtrack or not you're still getting one solid track.

Sea Wolf - The Violet Hour