Sia: Clap Your Hands


"Clap Your Hands" is the new single from Sia's forthcoming album, We Are Born. Since "You've Changed" first hit the web, it became apparent that Sia was now taking an upbeat, disco-flavored approach to her music. Chilling, Six Feet Under-closing arrangements are replaced with Like A Prayer-era Madonna bass lines and synth beats straight out of Manners' Super Mega Ultra Uber Deluxe Edition.

I might be a little bitter that one of my favorite vocalists of all time is changing her style around, but I can't deny that "You've Changed" and "Clap Your Hands" are ridiculously great, her previous works aside. You can download "You've Changed" for free below, after you give new single, "Clap Your Hands" of course.

We Are Born is slated for a June 7th release.