Sleigh Bells


Photo by Punk Photo


Sleigh Bells is the loud, creative forced brought to life by Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss. Derek played in a hardcore band, and Alexis well, she was a, uh... school teacher who played in a pop group in her teenage years. With a winning combination like that, you're bound to to make somenoise. Sleigh Bells are, by most accounts, a new band with a fresh take on pop music, and their EP really hits it out of the park.

They demanded everyone's attention at this year's CMJ with their loud and undeniably enjoyable set. Sleigh Bell's EP/introduction to the world, the Magic Metal CDR sounds like what Discovery's album would sound like if they pumped the volume up to max.

Sleigh Bells' defining moment, and my favorite song of theirs so far, "Crown On The Ground" is the perfect mix of Beyonce's "Upgrade U" and Wavves' "So Bored".

MP3: Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground

Sleigh Bells have also released a new track not found on their Magic Metal CDR. It's called "Infinity Guitars" and it easily become my second favorite Sleigh Bells track.

MP3: Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars

Read on for three other Sleigh Bells tracks:
MP3: Sleigh Bells - A/B Machines
MP3: Sleigh Bells - Beach Girls
MP3: Sleigh Bells - Ring Ring