Some Remixes on a Sunday #3



Continuing this from two Sundays ago.

It's crazy how many great mixes you can across in a single week. These 10 were my favorite finds of the week. Big thanks to Ohh! Crapp, Fancy Sounds, Sundtrak, HypeM, and probably the biggest shout out goes to the people who send me their mixes!

On the last "Some Remixes on a Sunday" post, I focused a lot on movies. Mostly the films that I wanted to see. Since then, I have seen Frost/Nixon, The Wrestler, The Reader, Defiance, and Happy-Go-Lucky. I'm still DYING to watch Rachel Getting Married. For some reason, something gets in the way of me watching it at the theater whenever I decide to go out and watch it. And the torrent is nowhere to be found, a little less than a month away from the Oscars. It's driving me nuts! I'm a sucker for contemp dramas — yes, I'm really pissed at the way Revolutionary Road was royally dissed on the Oscar nominations — so if any of your have some sort of Rachel Getting Married hook-up, pass it along,  yeah?

I can't really talk much, listening to this new Weezy track that's sort of ridiculous. Weezy doing rock music is definitely not my cup of tea. More about it tomorrow. Till then, here are my favorite mixes of the week!

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (A-Trak Remix)

Chairlift - Evident Utensil (MGMT Remix)

White Lies - Farewell To The Fairground (Yuksek Remix)

Lily Allen - The Fear (Wideboys Prime Time Radio Edit)

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing (Achilles & Guile Hipster or Homeless Remix)

Animal Collective - My Girls (Mexican with Guns remix)

Groove Armada - Drop The Tough (The Twelves B-Live Remix)

Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People (Shazam Remix)

The Cool Kids - 88 (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

Justice - Valentine (Plastic Fang Remix)

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