Sondre Lerche "Bluish" (Animal Collective Cover)



I wouldn't blame you if you feel like you've had it up to here with Animal Collective (okay, maybe I will blame youa little bit). Now the boys of Animal Collective are back in the spotlight of your feed readers,  even though the rush of year-end Merriweather Post Pavilion ranting and raving has come and gone.

Animal Collective ended 2008 with an earth-shattering leak, and they are now ending 2009 as champs and with Sondre Lerche's cover of the beautiful and somewhat underrated Merriweather Post Pavilion track "Bluish".

Acoustic renditions of Animal Collective tracks are always a blessing in my eyes. With the absence of Animal Collective's signature blips and loops and layers of sound, we get the rare opportunity to appreciate Animal Collective's simple and pretty melodies and songwriting without (euphoric) distractions.

Listen to Sondre Lerche's acoustic cover of Animal Collective's "Bluish" (which happens to be his favorite song of 2009) below:

MP3: Sondre Lerche "Bluish" (Animal Collective Cover)