Spank The Monkey


Heartsrevolution & Spank Rock - Ultraviolence

I have quite a few years of being an electronic music fan, and the general consensus is this: dropping a Spank Rock verse or two over an illy beat like "Ultraviolence" computes only one outcome: awesomeness. Which is defined as 'the quality of being awesome' or the quality of being highly enjoyable, and this is it. So double KU-dos to Heartsrevolution — whose PMA-cherries I have just popped — for snapping up this nifty track for us so we can all bask in its awesomeness.

Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm

Speaking of popping PMA-cherries, Filthy Dukes are another fun act riddled with bouts of awesomeness. Example of said awesomeness can be seen in their bumpin' single "This Rhythm." Another great example is their music video for "This Rhythm" (it's up there). The beat is a little erratic, but the bass does a fantastic job is stabilizing and unraveling the song. I can totally see this song scoring yet another student-teacher sex scene on Gossip Girl — I can't forgive you Lonely Boy, you're an asshole.

Oh, and before I forget, the Filthy Dukes remixed the hell out of Bloc Party's newest single "One Month Off" — oh, how I love the original, but the Filthy Dukes did nothing but add to the song. Fantastic!

Visit the other side of this link for the mp3s.