Spoon - Written In Reverse


Yesterday I shared the news of Spoon releasing "Written In Reverse" as Transference's first single. I also shared a live track from who knows where to get a sneak peak at the track. It seems NPR (National Public Radioclit) has been streaming the track, so it was only a matter of hours before we had ourselves a nice little mp3 gift.


There's a certain swagger found in Spoon's recent work. It was faint in "Mystery Zone", but it seems that Britt is hitting it head on with "Written In Reverse". I had my doubts about Transference, but if every song is as good as "Written In Reverse", we're looking at a seriously great start to the next decade in music.

Transference is out January 19th on Merge. "Written In Reverse" will be released on January 5th. Listen to "Written In Reverse" below:

Spoon - Written In Reverse