MP3: Starfucker - "Julius" & "Bury Us Alive"

starfucker reptilians

FCC-unfriendly Portland electronica quartet Starfucker, after a couple name changes and some label switching, have signed to Polyvinyl and are back with a new album, Reptilians, in the works for March 8. They’ve offered up two salty-sweet new songs for your listening pleasure while you wait.

Knife-sharp synth drones buzz and fuzz over super-sweet keyboard and glockenspiel on “Bury Us Alive,” a song that sounds absolutely the opposite of its title (something with the words “sunshine” and “rave” might have been more appropriate to the general vibe). “Julius” is a song a little too melancholy for the club, but those electronic waterfalls are irresistible, and that pulsing backbeat makes the whole thing a guaranteed head-nodder, something drunk kids will close their eyes and sway to at shows. Check out both tunes and keep your ears peeled for the record.

MP3: Starfucker - Julius

MP3: Starfucker - Bury Us Alive