The xx - Crystalised



Last night I posted PMA's "For Summer Only" Mix on the pmaCAST. In it I included some of my favorite summerific tunes of the year. Most of them were songs not unfamiliar to the blog, but others, like The xx, were mentioned for the first time on this blog. I want to eventually devote a post to each of these artists, because they definitely deserve the attention.

The xx are a quartet from the UK and their debut single, "Crystalised" has taken over music blogs all around the world. I was too into Passion Pit and Phoenix to care about The xx. Now that my love for those two bands has gone down to digestible levels, I can appreciate The xx — just in time for summer.

We still have to wait a bit for a debut album, but here are a few tracks to get you excited.

Unfortunately, "Crystalised" is so good that none of the other xx material that I've heard comes close to it, and the Twilight-esque song titles don't help either.

The xx - Crystalised | mp3


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