Starters: Don't Be Scared Mix



I don't normally post mixes here on PMA, but maybe you guys are interested in a few of the ones I get in my inbox. Starters (who I've blogged about a couple of times before, sent over their "Don't Be Scared" DJ mix and I dig it!

Digest the tracklist (and 3 remixes): 

1. Choose You – Krames Remix
2. Put that pussy on me- spank rock
3. Katy Perry - Hot N Cold –LMFAO
4. I Want, I want- Digitalism LAZRTAG
5. Shake it up and Lock It - Kanye West vs. The Beatles and Diplo
6. I’d Rather Get Some Head Start The Violence! Remix- Three 6 Mafia
7. Encore in your arms -Starters
8. Eminem x Spank Rock - forgot about coke and 11h - Starters
9. Crookers x Cool Kids - Sup Thunderstruck -Starters
10. Party Like Us (Udachi Remix) – AC Slater
11. Where the cash at? – DJ SEGA
12. Let me clear my throat – DJ SEGA
13.Sweetness (Trentino Edit) – Jimmy Eats world
14. Stick Em up – Emynd + Bo Blitz
15. Flip it Snap it- Emynd + Bo Blitz
16. Dey know (Mano Remix) Shawty Lo
17.Rehab (Mano Remix) – Amy Winehouse
18. Watch My Feet (Jeansbjorn Remix) – Dude N’ Nem
19. Damn Girl (DJ Gant Man Juke Remix) – Kid Sister
20. A Milli (Thunderous Olympian’s Juke Down) – Lil Wayne
20. Bounce Dat Ass RMX - Hydraulix
21.Freaky Girl (Mano Remix) – Gucci Man
22. Yeah Trick – Solja boy
23. Swing - Savage
24. Lollipop – Lil Wayne ft Kanye West
25. Gucci Bandana – Gucci Man
26. Blinded by the light -
29. Marco Polo – Bow Wow Ft. Soulja Boy
30. Day-n-night – Kid Cudi
31. Chopped & Screwed – T-Pain & Ludacris
32. Paranoid - Kanye West Feat. Mr. Hudson
33. Clumsy Remix Feat. LMFAO – LMFAO ft Fergie
34. 99 Get Down (Jay Z vs Pharrell Starters’ Buzzin Remix)- Starters
35. When The Superstar is Running Down (The Police vs Tha Basix) - Starters
36. Dopeboy (Al-Azif Remix) – Adam Tensta
37. Bust A Move (Don Rimini Ravekid Remix) – Young MC
38. Homecoming (DiscoTech Remix) – Kanye West

Make sure to listen to the 3 siiiick (that's for i's) remixes from the set. Just a little taste. This shizz is hard-hitting and doesn't give you a boring moment. Starters are telling the world how Chi-Town DJs do it. Just download it and up it to your iPod already. Great for tomorrow's party

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