Sufjan Stevens - "Too Much" ∴


Another week, another pieces of new Sufjan Stevens music. Today we have the nearly seven minute, "Too Much." On August's All Delighted People EP, we saw him somewhat channel Joanna Newsom on the titular track; on "Too Much" we can hear a little Kevin Barnes in Sufjan's voice. Musically, "Too Much" is, well, too much. Drum machine explosions staccato left and right throughout the entire song, slightly blurred by sci-fi sound bits. The coda — one of Sufjan Stevens most interesting in a minute — sounds like it could have been off a scene on Stanley Kubrick's  2001: A Space Odyssey. Listen / download it on the Bandcamp player below:

"Too Much" is off of Sufjan Stevens' upcoming LP, The Age of Adz, which is due out October 12. He recently released a 59-minute EP called All Delighted People, which was so good we're calling it one of the year's best — and best of all, you can buy it for $5. ?