Tame Impala - "Desire Be, Desire Go" (Daytrotter Session)


Australia’s Tame Impala recently did a session for the folks at Daytrotter. The standout track from the session is “Desire Be, Desire Go”, which actually combines the album’s first two tracks. This is perfect because the drumming on “It Is Not Meant To Be” is just too sick to not appear on the session. Tame Impala do a great job transitioning from the opener into the poppy yet reflective “Desire Be, Desire Go” and allow the catchy guitar riff to mold well with both the vocals and dynamic drumming which is a constant theme throughout InnerSpeaker. Listen to the 8-minute Daytrotter hybrid track below:

(click the button to download the track)


My favorite thing about Tame Impala — aside from the percussion which will blow you away both from your speakers and at a live show — is the confident nonchalance every verse is delivered with while still remaining genuine and enjoyable. Once you stop listening to “Solitude Is Bliss” over and over again (like I did) go check out the rest of the fantastic session and InnerSpeaker.