Tame Impala - "Solitude is Bliss"


Tame Impala have created pure, pop gold with “Solitude is Bliss.” The four-minute jewel is difficult to describe because these three Australians perfectly balance infectious and contagious vocals with dynamic and building drums and synth.

Kevin Parker, lead singer, exudes more confidence than I could have ever imagined possible while delivering lines such as “All the kicks that I can’t compare to/ Making friends like you’re all supposed to” and the repetition of “You will never come close to how I feel.” About two minutes in the band transitions into an equally catchy instrumental section before Parker closes the song off with a few more repetitions of the chorus. “Solitude” is a guaranteed spirit lifter. After watching my Celtics get romped by Kobe and crew, I spun this track a few times and already felt confident about game two. Someone needs to send this track to Rondo so he can start feeling confident also.

Tame Impala's debut LP, Innerspeaker, is out in Australia, no word on a US release date. You can purchase the album on CD or Vinyl (recommended) here.