MP3: Tanlines - "Brothers", Debut Album Coming

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It’s hard to believe the upcoming Mixed Emotions is Brooklyn production duo Tanlines’ first real album – it seems to us that their world-inspired electro jams have been around for years, on an assortment of compilations, 7-inches, and digital releases, which is, um, sort of true. But it sounds like they’ve been preparing to deliver their most cohesive statement yet – “Brothers,” the first single from the new record, is a considered refinement of that Tanlines sound, what with its Caribbean percussion, poppy background synth bubbles and washes, and idiosyncratic, confessional, Animal Collective-esque vocals from frontman Eric Emm. Like Panda Bear’s “Bros” it’s the aural equivalent of loving sibling rivalry – admiration and competition all in one. Listen up while you wait for the record, which True Panther will drop on March 20th.

MP3: TANLINES – "Brothers"

Mixed Emotions:
1) Brothers
2) All Of Me
3) Green Grass
4) Abby
5) Yes Way
6) Not The Same
7) Lost Somewhere
8) Real Life
9) Rain Delay
10) Cactus
11) Nonesuch